The Significance of an Enema Detox

Image of enema detox by Omega HealthcareWhy bother with a colon cleanse detox?

Are you interested in getting an enema detox but not so sure if its actually worth looking into? You may have only heard about it only recently so just how important is it to keep your colon clean?

Now you can think of the body’s liver and colon as one complex sewage system. What do you suppose is going to happen if the pipes get all clogged up? Immovable waste can pile up flooding the city and causing all sorts of health problems. Well the same thing can actually be said about your digestive system; the build up of toxins and embedded waste materials in the digestive system can have devastating effects on your life. Your metabolic process essentially slows down and may even be impaired when the build up ultimately clogs the colon and the intestines. A situation that has unfortunately become all too common thanks to our modern diet and lifestyle. People in the medical community call it “auto-intoxication” – a situation wherein the waste and toxins in the bowel ends up entering the blood stream essentially poisoning the body.

Preventing auto intoxication with an enema detox

Convinced that you’d want to avoid the situation described above? A colon cleanse detox can certainly help you achieve all that. It’s interesting to note that health problems such as bowel cancer is relatively non-existent among most native communities that live on the land as opposed to people in industrialised communities. Is it coincidence? We don’t think so and its all the more reason to consider doing an enema detox on a regular basis.

The truth is that colon cleansing plays an important role in maintaining health and well-being. This explains why doctors sometimes recommend that patient’s fast when undergoing certain treatments to give the digestive system a break and recover from all the waste and toxin build up that it had to put up with for years. Simply put, enemas is a proven and ancient therapeutic technique designed to deeply cleanse the body from the inside out!

Looking to make the most out of an enema? Try a Gerson Therapy (coffee enema detox) that was found to produce even better results. Organic coffee is a highly potent antioxidant and one that works even better when taken internally through an enema! Caffeine enema boosts bile production and encourage production of other antioxidants in the body which most notably includes glutathione – the master detox agent more popularly known for its aesthetic benefits on the skin.
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