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To provide the highest level of comfort and care, honoring and respecting the dignity of each individual, and enhancing the quality of living at the end of life, under the guidance of Christian principles.


Omega Health Care is a Midwest-based health care organization dedicated to hospice care and focused on meeting or exceeding our patients’ individual medical, emotional and spiritual needs, while making each remaining moment as meaningful as possible.

While Medicare mandates the services that hospice patients must receive, at Omega, we are committed to exceeding industry standards because we recognize that each patient’s life experiences and spiritual beliefs have created a unique individual who deserves the finest care and emotional support, while honoring and respecting their needs and wishes.

Every Omega Health Care team member and volunteer is encouraged to go beyond what is required and help all patients and their families enjoy the highest possible quality of life in the precious time they have together.

We provide compassionate care and expert pain management to people nearing the end of their lives, as well as supporting their families and friends. Our approach is holistic, with a team of professionals serving patient's medical, emotional and spiritual needs.


Founded in Kansas City in 2007, Omega expanded through acquisition into SW Missouri and NE Georgia in 2009. Affiliated LOCATIONS are:

Omega Health Care’s growth can be attributed to our relentless pursuit of our COMPANY GOALS which are:

  • Patient Care - To provide the best care for our patients and their families.

  • Employee Care - To be the best place to work at for our employees.

  • Community Care - To have the best reputation in the community for our services.

  • Company Care - To have rapid patient census growth.

And our adherence to our CARE GOALS which are:

  • To support individuals and families coping with dying.

  • To enhance quality of life through comfort care rather than treatment focused on cure.

  • To aggressively treat and expertly manage all pain and physical symptoms associated with an individual's dying.

  • To care for the whole person, addressing physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social needs through an interdisciplinary team approach.

  • To confirm the individual's and family's sense of self worth, individuality, autonomy, and security.

  • To extend bereavement support for family members following the death of their loved one.

  • To acknowledge and offer support for individuals and their family members facing the loss and grief associated with dying and the death of a loved one.

  • To be a positive influence upon the understanding, compassionate treatment, and care of the dying and bereaved.

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